Darul Quran


About Darul Quran

Darul Quran Hifz Center is a pioneering academic Islamic education provider and is located at Alathiyoor, in Tirur Ponnani Road, 7 km from Tirur town. It is our responsibility to promote the best education standards for the future of our Muslim Community.

Darul Quran Hifz Center works with The light Educational and Charitable trust.We started up in June 2010 with the establishment of a Salafi Masjid. In February 2011 we registered plot for Darul Quran Hifz College and laid foundation in December same year. The first batch of Hifz students joined in June 2013. Our admission starts on every April for a maximum of 40 students.

Darul Quran Hifz Center has, Alhamdulillah, taken multiple initiatives to promote Islamic Education, like running weekly Quran and Hadith Learning Class, Continuous Religious Education on every Sunday, weekly Quran classes for ladies, Madrassa education for students based on Salafi Ideology etc.

Darul Quran Hifz Center is exceptionally selective about its instructors. It delights us and our student body that our classes are taught by highly specialized scholars and educators who are among the best in their field.